BEAM 3.0 CONSULTING                                                           

Like every aware company today, our firm evolves with the changing times. Over the last few years, we have specifically focused our transformative strategy, brand and culture work on preparing organizations for success in the radically new “3.0 Era” of the 21st Century.

We have gone from the Industrial Age (1.0) to the Information Age (2.0). Now we are witnessing the emergence of a 3.0 Era.  It is a world of new values and new demands. Our world is experiencing massive “breakdowns” and exciting “breakthroughs” all at the same time. It is a time that calls  for new thinking, resilience and adaptability.

BEAM has pioneered a 3.0 consulting approach that is in tune with the times and reflective of new 3.0 business models that are shaping the future. 

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