Dan and Meredith Beam are Principal Partners at BEAM, inc., an international strategy and brand consulting firm in San Francisco. BEAM partners have led engagements with 200+ companies, social entrepreneurs, non-profits and communities who were at the crossroads of change. Together they have inspired teams in the design of new business models, the development of focused strategies and the creation of compelling, distinct and authentic brands for the emerging new 3.0 era.

Dan and Meredith are partners in marriage and business. They have two children who are artists and educators living in San Francisco and New York City.

Dan has a painting studio in the BEAM offices to keep his relentless need for creative expression always in motion. He consumes books like some people consume Belgian chocolates. He is hopelessly in love with all things beautiful in life…art, poetry, music, nature, friends and family. He is also a somewhat mediocre tennis player, an insouciant scuba diver and a passable skier.

Meredith’s poetry, at times lightly sprinkled into her many organizational change talks and writing, has a way of opening people to their own genuine feelings and insights. Signing her watercolors “Maria Theresa Flambe Nacho”, her paintings are famous for their unexpected blue trees and delight of fresh discovery. She also scuba dives, skis and tells stories with a skill that would make her Irish grandmother proud.

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