Gail Horvath, Communications & Project Consultant

Drawing on the wisdom of her 28 years of business ownership experience, Gail brings her creative, intuitive and practical organizational skills to the BEAM team. Gail and her husband, Elliot Hoffman co-founded Just Desserts Bakery in their home kitchen in l974. She understands from direct experience the enduring value of a strong brand that is true, distinct and compelling.

Gail appreciates times of chaos and change as opportunity for positive transformation and growth. She comprehends and enjoys complexity, employs focused listening skills and asks incisive and thoughtful questions that often challenge others to explore new perspectives. Along with communication, chart design and project management expertise, she is also a creative photographic artist, blogger and student of indigenous cultures.


Lily Laurence, Associate Management Consultant

Along with an MBA from Presidio Graduate School, and BA from Wesleyan University, Lily brings insights from her experience as a change leadership consultant, sustainable business coach, ecological designer, design writer, graphic facilitator and community organizer. A plugged-in millennial and passionate systems thinker, she worked at tech startup Yerdle as a community program designer, wrote a design column for the Sustainable Brands conference, developed her own graphic facilitation practice, and is working on a closed loop materials startup in the healthcare space. In the long term, economic sustainability depends on ecological and social vitality, and a strong brand culture.

Lily works with BEAM clients by digging into the cultural zeitgeist and specific context of a client organization to offer insights that help shape strategy. She records BEAM sessions to highlight key contributions to conversations and build consensus on strategy, brand and culture. Her diverse experience helps her navigate complexity with a curious approach and ask discerning, generative questions to drive business success.

Also a lover of 2 wheels, she can often be found on her bicycle or scooter, climbing San Francisco hills to enjoy the view and explore the city.