Gail Horvath, Communications & Project Consultant

Drawing on the wisdom of her 28 years of business ownership experience, Gail brings her creative, intuitive and practical organizational skills to the BEAM team. Gail and her husband, Elliot Hoffman co-founded Just Desserts Bakery in their home kitchen in l974. She understands from direct experience the enduring value of a strong brand that is true, distinct and compelling.

Gail appreciates times of chaos and change as opportunity for positive transformation and growth. She comprehends and enjoys complexity, employs focused listening skills and asks incisive and thoughtful questions that often challenge others to explore new perspectives. Along with communication, chart design and project management expertise, she is also a creative photographic artist, blogger and student of indigenous cultures.


Ben Falik, Associate Management Consultant

Ben came to BEAM inc. as an advertising strategist and agency creative, seeking pathways to deliver more than just Art and Copy to the agency clients he served. Today, Ben contributes the digital savvy of an agency, providing data-supported research and analysis, along with a plugged in millennial perspective. Ben works with BEAM clients by providing competitive and cultural zeitgeist research as well as recording sessions to highlight key contributions to conversations and to build consensus on strategy, brand and culture.

Ben is a connector. He is energized by personal interaction with others that leads to creative innovation - seizing opportunities to manifest projects that bring greater value and meaning to the world.

Born and raised in Berkeley, CA, unconventional thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit come naturally to Ben. His love of learning and desire to connect with others led him to seek a global education, which expanded his perspective and heightened his interests in the arts, world cultures and music.

A man of many talents, Ben also writes, plays and produces music professionally under the name of Julia Lewis. In addition, he’s launching a Japanese-inspired Udon Noodle food truck in San Francisco. 


Julia Hammerschlag, Associate Management Consultant

Passionate about the transformative power of brands, Julia leverages her world traveler experiences and fresh Gen Y perspective to provide a unique contribution to the BEAM client brand work. This perspective, along with Julia's "get to the heart of the brand" research, enables her to offer penetrating questions and insights that reveal the truth of a brand, from the originating energy of the brand to its potential role in the new era of global brand building. 

Julia applies her brand understanding to BEAM, as well as to clients. Knowing that BEAM's unique client experience is essential to its success, Julia plays a central role in ensuring that the client experience is all that it can be. From proposal development to brand exploration to session graphic recording to client report writing to client relations, Julia keeps the project on track and the client experience at its best. 

A world-class "foodie", Julia's passion and curiosity come out in tasty and tangible ways. Reading and studying everything related to food and its surrounding social scene, Julia works to create a transformative dining experience at every opportunity. 


Brent Ross, Consultant

Brent is a seasoned consultant and strategist with over 17 years of experience. Before connecting with the BEAM Team, Brent gained experience and depth in change leadership, product management, communications and marketing. At Great Place to Work Institute, he advised senior leaders in organizations across a wide range of industries on strategies for building culture and fostering trust.  Brent evaluated companies for Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list, and has consulted for global brands such as Siemens Communications and

Brent has a unique ability to accelerate performance and value creation by shaping a company’s vision, values and strategy into meaningful action. His passion for human development, combined with his talent for navigating complexity, make him a valuable thought partner and coach to top leaders as they lead their organizations to prime performance.

Earlier in life, Brent explored a career on stage as a singer/dancer/actor. He still sings (mostly in the car but occasionally on stage), and sometimes hacks a guitar. In 2006, he began studying Argentine Tango, and has been longtime fan of contemporary ballet.