The way we look at our work and life...

We believe that organizations are meant to be gathering places for greater collective purpose. The collaborative creations that come from our work community should be focused on adding to the beauty and joy of successful living. Greater purpose is only possible when the collective work is sustained by ongoing financial and organizational success.

The Swedish word for business is Naringsliv—nourishment for life. This is a good way of expressing what our enterprises should be about. When we look through the Naringsliv lens we see that sustainability and social responsibility are not add-on programs but natural and essential to what we create through our collective work.

We know Naringsliv is not a utopian pipe dream but a fundamental factor for sustainable success. Research shows that enterprises that build a collaborative, co-creative culture, that approximates a living systems way of operating, outperform their field. On average, they produce a greater return on assets and greater stock value (J. Bragdon and Goldman Sachs research).

We have learned from guiding over 150 successful organizational creative projects that, despite the big challenges, there are always wonderful opportunities for success for those willing to open themselves to the potential and passion of their people. Today organizations are sitting atop enormous success possibilities and sometimes all it takes is for someone to come along and give people the permission and opportunity to create in a new way.
We also know from our work and research that all generations (Boomer, X, Y), want to be associated with organizations that have greater impact and meaning. At the end of the day, people want to be able to say…”I was a part of something successful and important, something I really believed in”.
In short, we believe that real world success comes from the wonder and power of dreams, people, purpose and creativity.  

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