What I Googled on International Women’s Day

It's a disappointing result. The top stories are “maternity”, “proud maternity” and “bangs”. But maybe this says more about Google’s algorithms or clickbait titles than it truly reflects the top stories about women today.

The truth is - women’s leadership is on the rise.

Let’s take a look at the state of women’s leadership in business.

Furthermore, CEO seats are not the only measure of women’s leadership in business. In the US, since the 2008 recession:

  • Women are starting and leading more businesses. From 2007–2016 the number of women-owned firms increased by 45%, compared to just a 9% increase among all businesses. That’s 5x faster growth than the national average!
  • Women are employing people. Employment in women-owned businesses has increased by 18% since the recession, while among all businesses employment has declined 1% since 2007.
  • Women of color are leading. Nearly eight out of every 10 (79%) net new women-owned firms launched since 2007 has been started by a woman of color.

This is a New Era of profound transformation in nearly all sectors of life, and we at BEAM celebrate all increases in diversity of perspective in leadership. We believe in supporting all people to thrive, and following the strong voices of our fellow citizens, whatever their gender.

Here are a few ways we celebrated International Women’s Day at BEAM:

  • We each took a few minutes from our day and listed the women who have influenced us the most.
  • We sent a letter to Senator Atkins in support of SB310 the Name and Dignity Act for Incarcerated Transgender People. (Download and send your own here)
  • We wrote this blog post to reflect, and connect with you.

With appreciation,

The BEAM Team

— Meredith, Dan, Gail, and Lily