Transformation begets innovation and innovation begets transformation. Together they form the DNA, the double helix of aliveness and growth. When you truly do the work of game changing transformation and innovation you ask the deeper questions that open up a broader perspective. You begin to take in the bigger world around you, to see yourself within the whole system, the larger picture. When you see the larger picture, you create transformations and innovations that have the potential to enrich life, not only for yourself and your enterprise, but for all of life. This is true value creation, creation that can feel like magic.

We love seeing the striking results that our clients achieve when they deeply connect with their purpose and open their organization to a new dream and a richly narrated vision of success and opportunity. When people are given an opportunity to look deeply into what is important to them and, with the support of an experienced guide, explore new territory of future possibilities and release their creativity…the unexpected, the magical occurs. They create rich, compelling pictures (visions) and stories (strategies) that enable them to make the leap into a new era of exciting opportunity for true value creation.

Many organizations start out by telling us that they already have a vision but that they are only have trouble executing—not necessarily so! A key reason for poor execution is the lack of a robust, fully supported picture of what success looks like…a values-based, rich vision translated into a clear, powerful new business model and brand that drives the creation of a coherent, simple-to-say strategy. Instead of going for this level of true value creation, they struggle with trying to make something happen with an “air sandwich”—a generic vision statement on the top (e.g., “we will be number one and highly successful”) and a disconnected list of actions and initiatives on the bottom, with only air in between. They are missing the substance and power of a business model, brand and organization uniquely designed for 21st Century success.

When this happens the transformational results look like magic and when the magic happens greater value is created and life is enriched.

Our dream is to see true value creation, through continuous transformation and innovation, become a part of the dominant discourse in all areas of our society, all parts of the world. We want to see the dance of transformation and innovation become not only what we do, but become who we are.