To generate disruptive new insights that will create unexpected new solutions, Leaders need to leave their usual work environments so they can break out of their usual thought patterns. We offer our top leaders this unique opportunity to get away from the familiar in a beautiful setting in Mendocino County along the Northern California Coast.

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CEO Days

Often before we begin a significant transformation project, we invite the CEO to spend a few days working with us to clarify their thinking about the next stage in their evolution. This enables them to try out their latest thinking, identify new insights and create disruptive new designs for their next era of success, free of the pressures of having to perform in front of their staff. Redwood forest, coastal cliff or beach walks help clear the mind for innovative thinking. The large visual charts we co-create with the CEO facilitate bigger thinking and reveal critical connective relationships that open new possibilities. Many consider CEO Days to be among some of their most valuable career experiences.   

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Top Team Days

Top Team Days Coastal experience helps the teams let go of old issues, gather new insights for improving collaboration, align on a future direction and/or create a new way of leading as a united team. It is critically important to create alignment early on in the formation of a new team. Even teams that have worked together for some time learn new things about one another that invite the strengthening of new relationships.

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Breakthrough Days

It’s a breakthrough journey. At various strategic inflection points, it is important to create new breakthrough thinking, sometimes about new products/services, a change in the business model, better ways to brand build, or provide an energizing new lift to the organizational culture. Our Design Thinking-Doing approach used in this creative setting enables leaders to “screw up the status quo”, generate disruptive new insights and create breakthrough new solutions.   

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— A. Einstein

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