Each new business era and each new enterprise transformation requires a new way of telling your brand story. These major changes provide a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship with your customers through revitalized new branding.

Regenerative Beam Branding creates the visual-story-experience bridge between you and your customer. At the center of that relationship is Love. Branding is the expression of a brand’s heart.


Regenerative Beam Branding is fundamentally different from traditional branding:

  1. It bravely “Stands Up and Stands Out” in a way that deeply connects to true purpose and values.

  2. It is communicated in a human, caring and authentic voice…avoiding “greenwash” bragging and undifferentiated “me too” sustainability branding.

  3. It Inspires and uplifts, appealing to our better selves to build loyal relationships.

  4. It provides strategic value to the business, enabling it to use Regenerative Innovation to build marketplace differentiation.

  5. It rides the zeitgeist wave of change and catalyzes others to join the Regeneration Movement to make a positive impact in the world.

  6. It is future focused—It makes the customer the hero in the story and connects the future importance of your brand to your customer’s future. 

  7. It elevates the customer’s brand experience through disruptive insights and unexpected solutions, opening new future possibilities.

  8. It combines great design with Regenerative communications to express the spirit and essence of the brand in ways that are fresh and compelling to people of the New Era.

  9. It revitalizes and expands your relationship through community experiences with your essential stakeholders, inside and outside.

  10. It evokes the essential customer response of “Oh Wow!”, “Ah Ha!” & “Hey, You”.