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Design Thinking <—> Design Doing

Design thinking is an essential tool for innovators in all fields, from industrial designers to fashion designers, to university administrators to brand and business model builders. To help understand this important framework for innovation, we created a one-page model capturing the heart and mind of Design Thinking. Using this model, we will explore what Design Thinking is and does…

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The New Future of Making It… in a Breakdown-Breakthrough World
  • Making It… Making the life and livelihood that we choose.

  • Breakdown… When the previous ways of Making It no longer work.

  • Breakthrough… When new ways of creating a life and livelihood emerge, often in totally unexpected ways.

    Today is an extremely confusing environment in which to shape a career, where there are no clear paths, where all bets are off…

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7 Signs It’s Time to Screw Up Your Status Quo

Does your status quo need screwing up? The short answer is: “Yes” — either now or soon. The longer answer is that this is an era of rapid change and we all need to take a clear-eyed look at the world around us. Carefully consider the realities inside your organization and in the larger context, and you might discover the next drivers of change before they surprise you…

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The ABC's of Creating New Ideas

New ideas are really just new combinations of old ideas, using the familiar to create the unexpected. There is a basic “ABC” flow to creating new ideas and solutions. To develop these new combinations, you need to create new relationships and linkages between familiar ideas. Then you need to apply these new combinations into an “aha” solution that then can be prototyped, tested and developed…

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