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Create the “Oh WOW” Experience — Make it Rich and Authentic

The key to success is winning a valued place in the hearts and minds of those your serve—your customers. First, design the experience your customers will want to have (even though they may not know it yet). Second, create the products/ services to make it happen. Deliver the message and experience in a way that elicits an “Oh, wow!”, “Ah, ha!” and “Hey, you!” response.



  • Recognize that your customers are living beings, always changing…know them well, assume nothing and offer them only what is most relevant to them personally and professionally.

  • Anticipate the larger cultural/society sea changes, know where they lead and design the future for your customers before they have to ask for it.


  • Escape the Competition—create territory that is uniquely yours, then name it and claim it with gusto.

  • The competition today is not between products or services but between business models—create a dynamic business model and strategy that allows you to stand out from the crowd.


  • Discover the “true north” essence of your enterprise and brand and never lose sight of it.

  • Only deliver messages and experiences that are authentic to who you are, no matter how tempting countervailing trends may be.