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The Principals of BEAM Inc.

Meredith and Dan Beam believe a beautiful business life begins with love…love of work, clients, team, friends, family and one another. Together they have infused that love into their San Francisco based international consulting firm, BEAM, Inc., where for 35 years they have worked with over 150 of the most iconic brands, innovative businesses, cities, universities and non-profit organizations around the world.

Leaving their senior executive positions in corporations when in their mid-thirties, Dan and Meredith created their consulting firm to help people and organizations “Realize their Dreams” and create positive impact in the world.  They are dedicated to creating value and enriching life for their clients, customers and the world they impact. They make this possibility a reality by engaging their clients in status quo challenging transformation driven by Strategy, Brand and Culture innovations.

Clients often remark on their unique ability to always discover disruptive insights and develop the unexpected solutions that deliver dramatically positive results in performance. They do this by bringing out the creativity and inherent power of people to discover and release the opportunities hidden in their challenges. They co-create with their clients to envision a life-enriching future that leads to the creation of enterprise transforming strategies and new business and brand approaches that prepare the organization for big-leap, New Era success.

Dan and Meredith…Business and Life Partners:

Dan and Meredith live in Anchor Bay, a village on the beautiful redwood coast of Northern California, while maintaining their company office in San Francisco.

Dan is an award-winning artist, a poet, writer, skier, scuba diver, and notorious writer of ridiculous skits for the Dragons Breath Theater, which is a local theater venue he helped his best friend build. Dan had been a President, COO, Strategist and Brand Builder in several companies prior to joining Meredith in BEAM, Inc.

Meredith participates in all of the sports and experiences Dan does and is a poet, storyteller and watercolorist who paints under the name Maria Theresa Flambe’ Nacho. Meredith founded BEAM, Inc. after serving as a senior vice president of Human Resources and Organizational development in four major corporations.

Lily Laurence, Associate Management Consultant

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Lily designs the conditions for clients to leap ahead. By using leading-edge thinking and frameworks, she helps clients go beyond sustainability into Being Regenerative as a way of doing business. Together they define what that means in each client’s context, charting a course of action, and designing an integrated approach to innovation that will continue to spiral clients’ success upwards during times of change.

Lily earned her MBA, focused in Sustainable Business from the Presidio Graduate School, and a BA in cultural psychology & design at Wesleyan University. Her breadth and depth of knowledge and experience comes from her inspired, boundless drive to tackle the most complex challenges of our day. Her success in supporting clients is rooted in deeply compassionate listening and creative design thinking.

She has consulted with and coached 40+ organizations on their ecological and social opportunities and strategy. She built her own creative graphic recording practice, co-designed a circular economy business concept that won awards, helped build a vibrant online community at technology startup Yerdle, and leads a thriving housing co-operative in San Francisco.  

"The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination." ― John Schaar

Also a lover of 2 wheels, she can often be found on her bicycle, arduously climbing Bay Area hills and laughing all the way down!

Drew Beam, Creative Director


Drew combines his deep branding history with a dash of artistic wonder to bring your visions to life. With over 12 years in top branding and innovation firms, his outputs are truly multimedia, from billboards, fine art, and videos, to amusement park rides and sneakers, all based on a profound understanding of today’s marketplace of products and ideas. But what he really loves to do is tell stories. By applying his unique approach to “method branding” he lives, eats and breathes your brand to help create breakthroughs in how you tell your story so others will not only listen but participate, and ask for more. In addition to partnering on many game-changing branding engagements, he creates complex and rich illustrations, designs interactive games, thought-provoking business cards/collateral and art directs everything from videos to musical soundtracks. After getting his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, this San Francisco native enjoys being in the foggy landscape that helped shape him. 

Gail Horvath, Communications & Project Consultant

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Drawing on the wisdom of her 28 years of business ownership experience, Gail brings her creative, intuitive and practical organizational skills to the BEAM team. Gail and her husband, Elliot Hoffman co-founded Just Desserts Bakery in their home kitchen in 1974. She understands from direct experience the enduring value of a strong brand that is true, distinct and compelling.

Gail appreciates times of chaos and change as opportunity for positive transformation and growth. She comprehends and enjoys complexity, employs focused listening skills and asks incisive and thoughtful questions that often challenge others to explore new perspectives. Along with communication, chart design and project management expertise, she is also a creative photographic artist, lover of beauty and student of indigenous cultures.