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BEAM, inc. is a San Francisco based international consulting and design firm dedicated to creating value and enriching life for our clients and their stakeholders through transformation and innovation. We guide organizations at the crossroads of change when challenges and opportunities demand a new level of clarity, innovative thinking and united execution.

The basis of our work is transformation driven by the synergistic power of Strategy, Brand and Culture Innovation. We are chosen as key strategic partners because of our unique ability to co-develop value creating business models, powerful strategies, iconic brands and innovative cultures designed for new era success.

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We are committed to making a wise, caring, creative, and sustainably flourishing world through our transformative work with the people we serve.


Over thirty-five years ago, Meredith and Dan Beam started with a belief that their work had to be in service to people with exciting, positive dreams, dreams that add creative richness to life through their work.

They first identified what they could offer that would be most useful to value creating leaders and agreed that the synergistic integration of Strategy, Brand & Culture was their strength and highest contribution.

When they began, they were advised to… Focus!  And they did. They focused not on a particular sector or industry but on innovative methods for transformation to make impact. They focused not on Strategy Design or Brand Building or Culture Development but on the holistic, integration of all three to enable clients to adapt, innovate and flourish in a future they can only imagine.

In their first year, Dan and Meredith created a list of the most iconic companies and organizations with whom they wanted to work. Within three years they had begun work with all of the companies on their vision list. Because they always produced high value results, they kept a strong relationship with their client leaders for many years, decades in some cases, and a great number of the leaders became long-time personal friends.

BEAM, Inc. grew with their clients and when CEOs and other leaders changed organizations, they invited the BEAM Team to work with them again and again. The word spread about the BEAM innovative new approach, organization engagement and the strong results their clients achieved.  BEAM gained a reputation for attracting top leaders who wanted to creatively “screw up the status quo” and take big leaps into an exciting new future.

In addition to working with iconic business brands, the BEAM Team has been highly involved in making positive community, city, university, environmental and social impact. Their award-winning work garnered significant recognition for both them and their clients.

Today, the BEAM Team continues to live out their belief in the power of innovative transformation to create value and enrich life for all.


When co-created transformations ignite the passions of people and the power of their dreams, a new reality comes into being and the world is made better.
— Dan and Meredith Beam