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Work is love made visible
— Kahlil Gilbran

We believe in The Power of Love:

  • We express our love through the work we choose, through the quality of the work we do.

  • When we bring our best selves to our work, we do work that Creates Value and Enriches Life for all…loving something beyond just ourselves.

  • People can feel the love we put into our work with clients, into the services and products we provide, into the quality of our interactions.

  • Love invites us to bring and inspire a deeper way of Seeing.

  • The innovation process of Design Thinking is all about creating deep empathy and understanding for your audience/customer before designing solutions for them. The process of developing empathy is the beginning to creating love.

  • In brand building you want to build a brand that people love. That means your brand first has to love the people they serve.

  • We can choose to design love into our work processes, or not, and people will know it.


We believe in Being Regenerative…a better way of doing business and leading our organizations:

The Swedish word for business is Naringsliv—nourishment for life. This is a good way of expressing what our future businesses and organizations can and should be about. When we look through the Naringsliv lens we see that sustainability, social justice, responsibility, and creative renewal are natural and essential outgrowths of doing our collective work in a conscious way.

When we design our systems with the long term flourishing of life in mind, we release incredible energy and new solutions emerge. This benefit goes far beyond “doing some good”, instead we deliberately generate multiple types of value creation as a natural consequence of our client’s organizational systems. We incorporate Being Regenerative into the way we do things.

We believe that in a few short years the majority of successful enterprises will be purpose driven i.e., pursuing life-flourishing practices and designing systems with the long term and the short term in mind. This movement is a shift away from short term thinking and narrow focus on shareholders only. It is a shift toward being incredibly creative, radically loving, relentlessly responsible, and yet also being humble. Our humbleness is generated in the knowledge that we will continue to learn, change, strive, and collaborate with others in seeking new ways of thinking and operating. It means embracing a deep knowing that contributing value to all of life leads to stronger and more valuable results for individuals, organizations, and for the greater system of a flourishing life here on Earth.

It is time to be Regenerative. When Blackrock, the world’s biggest investment firm with $5.98 trillion in assets under management, urges all of their 4000 clients to address a social purpose, that’s a strong signal. When 90% of institutional investors say that ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) firms can perform at or better than non-ESG integrated firms, and 72% percent are using ESG to make investment decisions, it becomes even more clear…Being Regenerative is already an imperative for enterprise today. 

Major Systems change is not any individual organization’s sole responsibility nor is it in anyone’s singular control; these systems are by definition much larger than just us. As the systems from the past break down, it is not enough to sustain, we must apply our best Regenerative thinking in all the ways we run our companies and organizations of any type. We all have the ability and opportunity to engage, influence, and participate in creating Regenerative systems. We can breakthrough. Being an effective, strong leader in this era involves deep love, humility, transparency, collaboration, bravery, joy and an enthusiasm for transforming and re-designing systems for the inclusive wellbeing of people and planet. We help our clients make this important shift in mindset and actions.

The importance of “The Power of Love & Being Regenerative” by enterprises today is a lot like the famous William Gibson quote… “The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed”. It is simply a matter of time before the scales of change are tipped and Love and Regenerative practices will become the new business as usual.

We have always integrated Love and Being Regenerative in our work. We and many of our clients have embraced these values, beliefs and fully integrated them into the life of their enterprises with great success. As a result, we have together won many awards and recognition for our ability to Create Value and Enrich Life. It works, it creates impact, it is inspirational to people and makes their work more meaningful, and it pays off.