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We are very proud of our clients and the work we have done together to create greater value and enrich life. We have worked with over 150 organizations but since we can’t tell all of their stories, we are providing brief success summaries on a few of them to give you an idea of the co-created accomplishments.

I’ve chosen to work with BEAM for over twenty-five years because they know how to successfully work with top teams in enterprises of all types to create value through transformation.
— Michael McLain, CEO of Icon Investments



Launched a category defining Powerbooks Product Platform that ushered in a game changing new era of computing.


Levi Strauss

Sparked a renewal of the brand in USA and Europe, adding innovative new products and stores, and gaining new relevance and success with younger audiences.


O’Reilly media

Transformed the business model, brand and strategy from a publishing company to a top media and tech investment platform catapulting the company into influential leadership in the high tech space.

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Set the strategic framework for people development around the world and created the transformation life cycle model for cultural change.



Brought together three leading companies to develop and bring to market a successful, major new life-saving drug.

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Banana Republic

Redefined the brand and developed transformative growth strategies preparing it for a new era of customer relevance and growth.  


Bartle-Bogle & Hegarty (BBH)

Created a transformative new business model and strategy to expand the agency offering beyond the traditional advertising approach.


Developed and grew the global iconic brand over decades, resulting in Dockers being owned by 75% of men in America.

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Lands’ End

Expanded the Brand to a younger audience, revitalized business strategies, and developed new sustainability strategies that won them the State’s “Greenest Company” Award.



Transformed a small family business into a major, high growth category-defining leader.



“Advanced Polymer Materials”. Redesigned the business model, repositioned the company brand, developed a new global strategy and cultural change platform for New Era growth.      


Levi Strauss Signature

Created Levi’s fastest growing category sub-brand, for the untapped value channel. 


Dow Brands

“Superior Food Protection”. Developed multi-year, global growth and brand strategies that eventually led to highly successful brand acquisitions by SC Johnson.

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Fives Metal Cutting & Composites

Within a multi-billion dollar global brand, united five acquired advanced technology companies under an integrated business model, brand and innovation strategy. 


Victor technologies

“Advanced Cutting and Gas Control Technologies”. Renamed the company and transformed the brand, strategy and organization from a welding product company to an advanced technology company resulting in a high multiple acquisition.

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G. Hensler

Transformed their accessory business model & strategy and created a Design Lab that expanded involvement and relationships with top retail clients.



“Advanced Thermal Technologies”. Transformed the brand, repositioned the company, redesigned the selling approach and prepared the company for high multiple acquisition.


Aearo Safety

“Protecting People, Products & Processes”. Transformed a small ear safety company into a powerhouse, global multi-category brand that was eventually acquired by 3M at a high multiple.




American Cancer Society

Redefined their approaches to usher in a New Era of accelerated growth that has been sustained for over ten years.

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Stanford Graduate School of business

Designed a new, experiences and services system for business school graduate students, through the Center for Career Management, that prepares them for post-graduation and long term success.


Gap Foundation

Reinvented the Foundation’s approach from “spray & pray” to focused, strategic investment in high return funding, gaining recognition for being an innovator in the field of impact investing.

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Net Impact

Created innovations in the business model and strategy to expand the brand’s reach beyond students making impact, to young professionals shaping business.  

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City of San Rafael, California

Revitalized a sleepy downtown through a total citizen engagement process and changed the community into a vibrant city center model of successful, collaborative transformation.

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City of Long Beach, California

Orchestrated a creative intervention “charrette” that was credited with helping the City avoid an $80 million mistake in a proposed new Convention Center.

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Family Commons.png

UCLA Global Center for Children & Families

Won the Robert Woods Johnson Innovation funding and award for pioneering neuroscience-to-market impact.

City of Santa Rosa, California

Won the California Governor’s Award for Community Innovation by creating unique, multi-sector solutions to traffic and transportation issues.


Trust for Public Land

Developed national game changing strategic plans that transformed the organization structure and culture for greater financial self-sufficiency and broader conservation impact.  

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Sonoma Land Trust

Won a national award for the best strategic plan that accelerated the Trust’s impact in protecting thousands of acres in Northern California.

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Stanford “Challenge Success”

Created an award-winning program that redefines and reframes healthy development success for students, teachers, faculty and researchers. 

Oakland 100 Families

Won the Martin Luther King Jr. award for Innovative Community Change that brought together artists and families to co-create community and individual spirit lifting art.


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Coalition for Engaged Education (CEE)

Transformed the brand and organization strategy for a new era of success with kids at risk, ensuring that 90% go on to college.

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The Garden Project

Helped create and guide a recidivism reduction and youth-at-risk program that was hailed by the Department of Agriculture as “one of the most innovative and successful community-based crime prevention programs in the country”.


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Working with BEAM is like getting an epiphany-filled, mini-MBA at the same time you are designing an exciting new future for your business. Our high engagement, breakthrough work together enabled us to create total enterprise support for our “Full Potential Plan” that positions us for leadership in the advanced material solutions field, including a regenerative/sustainable higher purpose. This is company transformation of the best kind.
— Mike Joyce, CEO, Primaloft
I think differently as a result of working with BEAM over the years. My teams, and now my company are beginning to think this new way. It’s so simple, yet completely comprehensive. When it comes to ‘strategic thought partners’, there isn’t a better place to start. BEAM is passionate, thoughtful and challenging.
— Nick Coe, CEO, Bath and Body Works, former CEO Lands' End
BEAM is our go-to partner for breakthrough strategy. For years we’ve worked together on innovation, brand and our business model for growth. Smarts, creativity and the most expert and engaging facilitation are the hallmarks that keep us coming back. We are inspired and energized by every engagement, ready to move into the fast lane!
— Melanie Dulbecco, CEO, Torani and R. Torre Company