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We work collaboratively with our clients to Design the future direction and transformation phase, co-creating all of the strategy, brand and culture agreements and plans that will drive future transformation.

As clients take their transformation agreements forward, we support them to prototype, test and refine them in the Refine stage.  At this stage, we often provide deep dive workshops and modification coaching that allows them to drive the refinement to produce what works best.

As they move into the total organization Deliver stage, we provide guidance and consulting to help them accelerate their impact and value creating results. With this three stage “lift-off” process, the client has what they need to propel sustainable success in their new era of growth.




At the center of all of our services is a core ability to cut to the heart of the challenge, read the zeitgeist and trends, identify the hidden opportunities, and catalyze the creativity of the organization to engage and leap to a new level of performance.

  • Breakthrough “Next Big Thing” Thinking & Planning

  • Trend and Zeitgeist Analysis & Insights

  • Vision Creation and Strategic Long-Range Planning

  • Technology Platforms/Core Competencies Based Business Model Creation

  • Brand Essence to Brand Building Planning and Brand Identity Execution

  • Brand Narrative and Storytelling Communications Guidance

  • Emergent Strategy Development

  • Strategic Alliance Development

  • Culture and Team Experiential Transformation

  • Leader Future Setting Partnering

  • Total Organization Engagement Process Design

  • Design Thinking Innovation & Collaboration

  • Regenerative Thinking Innovation & Collaboration

  • Disruptive Thinking Days



“Creating Value and Enriching Life”

Hard Products

  • Vision/Values

  • Brand Building System

  • Brand Identity and Storytelling Execution

  • Business Model

  • Strategy and Implementation Plan

  • Innovation System

  • Deep Assessment

  • Zeitgeist and Trend Analysis

  • Success Metrics

  • Operating Guidance

  • Organization and Structure

  • Individual Development Plan

  • Operating Board Management System

  • Sustainability and Flourishing Strategy Plan


  • Community and Connection

  • Empowered Decision Making

  • Strengthened Leadership and Engaged Employees

  • Culture Advantage

  • Inspiration

  • Sense of Purpose

  • Releasing Creativity and Potential

  • Catalyzing Innovation

  • Personal/ Team/ Enterprise Alignment

Ultimate Benefits

“Prepared for Thriving in the Emerging New Era”

  • Clear Guidance for Decision Making

  • Fulfillment of Vision and Purpose

  • Positive Contribution to the World

  • Stakeholder Enrichment

  • Increased Valuation

  • Future Relevancy and Adaptability

  • Growth, Expansion, Development

  • Renewal, Regenesis, Agility

  • Transformation & Greater Love for Customers and All Stakeholders

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and found that life was service. I acted and, behold, service was joy.
— R. Tagore